At Satin Dreams, the kitchen is cleaning the house after yesterday’s activities, and the ladies of the house are waking up to a few hours of free time before it’s time to start working again. Unbeknownst to them, British soldiers are marching on the brothel, which is situated in the patriotic state of New Hampshire. With the conviction that victory against Washington’s army is within grasp, this group of soldiers have been sent to New Hampshire to vet out spies, and they are going to use Satin Dreams as their base for the first few days.
What will happen as the military take over the brothel, isolating the working girls from their regular customers? Are some of the seemingly apolitical women in fact patriotic spies? And how will the clashes between the groups develop over time?

Nocturne 2022 is a historical fiction larp about an occupied brothel in New Hampshire during the Revolutionary War.

The larp is for 32 players, and will be played in English at Rockelstad Castle in Flen, Sweden in two runs.

Though the characters in-game are gendered, your off-game gender identity does not affect which groups you can play in.

Weekend run: 23–26 November 2023
Weekday run: 27–30 November 2023

Ordinary ticket prices (i.e. all groups except for kitchen workers) are €370 for the Weekend run and €320 for the Weekday one. Kitchen tickets for both runs are are €150.

Sponsor tickets and subsidized tickets will also be available.

The Team

Nocturne 2022 is a modified version of the larp designed and run by Adrian Angelico and Anne Marie Stamnestrø in October 2019. This iteration of the larp is organised by Emilia Korhonen and Petra Katarina, with the assistance of Atropos Studios, a non-profit organization.

Thank you to our models Elvira Andemore and Linnéa Cecilia. Photos by Carl Nordblom/Atropos Studios.