Nocturne 2023 takes place at an occupied brothel in New Hampshire, in 1776, during the American Revolutionary War.

Just before the events of the larp, George Washington has tried and failed to hold White Plains and the rest of New York, and has narrowly escaped capture by the British army. Washington and his troops are on the run, and the British are confident that they will quash the uprising. All of this happened historically.

In our fiction, several of the soldier characters were present at the battle, and are still rowdy and jubilant after the victory. Now they have come to New Hampshire, a Patriot state, to continue their campaign, and are awaiting new orders.

At the edge of Hilltown lies Satin Dreams, a respectable brothel that is often visited by the area’s wealthy people and travelers. This is where the group of redcoats travel, to requisition the brothel and to weed out Patriots and spies in Hilltown and its surroundings, all the while awaiting the next call into battle. An additional perk is that they can take care of their physical needs for a small lump of money at the brothel. Most soldiers are not aware of the details of the mission.

Nocturne 2023 will be the story about the days when the army occupies the brothel, from shortly before their arrival to their departure. The soldiers will take over the brothel during the first few hours of the larp, which means that only selected guests are allowed to visit while they are there.

Satin Dreams is a house of many people from different backgrounds and cultures. They have their hierarchies and intrigues, as well as friendship and conflicts.

Most people who live at Satin Dreams are Patriots, but they need to make money and not provoke their occupants. Who knows how long the war and occupation of their city will last, and winter is right around the corner.

The occupiers consist mainly of soldiers. Most of them know each other and/or have fought together before. They are brothers and friends, but also have to deal with hierarchy and friction within the group. At Satin Dreams they are surrounded by sensuality and beauty, but soon they must face a harsher reality and march into battle. They will be joined by some local men, who have their own reasons for joining the soldiers at the brothel, but are acquainted with some of them beforehand.

One thing that unites all characters is the will to survive, whatever it may cost.