Before you sign up we would like you to read through this participant contract:

Participant Contract:

Here is a list of things we need you to be okay with to play the larp:

  • Seeing partial nudity (no one is required to undress, but you must be comfortable seeing others do so)
  • As a soldier, you will have to play on being exploitative and potentially unpleasant to the women. Things that actually suck, not just «good-natured» 1950s chauvinism.
  • Being objectified / objectifying others
  • Coarse language and humor
  • Getting slapped / slapping someone on the bum. (You can opt out of this).
  • Being touched (except intimate zones / ‘bikini area’). Or touch others. Applies to both genders.
  • Being kissed (this is possible to opt out of). Applies to both genders.
  • That pedophilia / abuse may appear in character backgrounds.
  • Sit on someone’s lap / have someone sitting your lap
  • To be able to escalate and deescalate play in a way that you are comfortable with, and to trust that your co-larpers will do the same

Of course, you always choose what you want to participate in.

The larp is full, but you can sign up for the waiting list here.