When: Weekend run: 23–26 November 2023, Weekday run: 27–30 November 2023.
Be on site at 13 on the day of arrival, and leave after noon on the day of departure.

Where: Rockelstad castle outside Flen.

Transport: We will not be organizing transport to and from the location, but hope to be able to facilitate picking people up who are not coming by car. The closest bus stop is Rockelsta, that you can reach with bus 701 from Eskilstuna or Nyköping.

Accessibility: We will be larping in a historical house, where only parts of the bottom floor are wheelchair accessible.

Language: English.

Age Limit: To attend Nocturne you must be 18 years or older. This is in part because of the adult themes, but also because we will be serving small amounts of alcohol at the larp. When it comes to players between the ages of 18 and 23, we will take previous larp experience into account, and in some cases reach out to the players directly to talk through any uncertainties.

Sign-Up Process: We will be using a combination of casting and lottery when allocating the spots at the larp. However, when you sign up during the first sign-up period (15th March to 15th of April) does not affect your chances of getting a place at the larp. It is not first come, first served.

Social media: There is a general facebook group for the 2022 larp (which we will be using again): link. However, all off-game coordination will take place on a Discord server that people who receive a spot at the larp will be invited to.

Contact us:

How much*:

Weekend Run

Weekday Run

*There is also a fee added to the ticket prices to compensate for the percentage of the fee that Stripe has on all card payments.

**It will also be possible to donate a higher sum to the larp, should you so wish.

The larp is non-profit and done on a volunteer basis. Sponsor tickets will go towards subsidising more tickets, and any surplus will go towards the larp itself, future runs as well as recurring administrative costs for Atropos, which is also a non-profit organization where all creative work is on a volunteer basis.

Safety at the Larp

During the larp we will use meta techniques to simulate sexual play, fighting and to deescalate, stop or leave scenes without the repercussions affecting your character. However, real kissing and slapping can occur at the larp. We will be workshopping all of these techniques, including escalation and deescalation on-site.

The larp will not have a designated safety room or person, but the organizers will be available for you if you need to talk, and there is a designated quiet off-game space in the house. It is also possible to go for off-game walks outside if you need to be by yourself for a little while. There will be a separate off-game house where some people will sleep, but we ask you to keep socialising to a minimum there.

After signup closes we will send out a flagging list, where you can see all of the people who signed up for the larp and to get in touch with us if there are any concerns, as well as let us know if there are any people in particular you wish to play with. This will in general not affect the lottery to the larp, but is a tool we use for casting.

Sleeping at the larp

As a general rule, sleeping will be done in-game and in shared rooms. There will be some bed-swapping between night one and night two due to the occupation of the brothel. After that point, soldiers and sex workers will all sleep in-game.

Kitchen will be sleeping in-game night one, and then move to off-game sleeping. Townspeople sleep off-game the entire time.

For soldiers it is possible for us to make a couple of exceptions to this rule, either for medical reasons or the like, but we very much recommend sleeping in-game for the full experience.

It will also be possible to rent bed linens for a small sum. If you opt not to do this, you will need to bring your own. More info on this will be given later on.

What does it mean to play kitchen staff?

As kitchen staff you will still get a fully fleshed out character with relations, etc. written into it, but you will be expected to help out in the kitchen around mealtimes (final prep, serving, doing dishes) and some prep in between. There will be a cook in charge of planning meals, etc.

Although the kitchen will look off-game (the pros and cons of a restaurant-standard kitchen) we will still be larping in there while working, and we calculate that you won’t be “stuck” in there for the majority of the day (if you don’t want to that is).

If you want to work in the kitchen we appreciate if you have, for example:

  • Previous experience working in restaurants or the like (chef, serving, dishwasher, etc)
  • Helped out in the kitchen at other larps.
  • Skill or knowledge when it comes to baking and cooking.

A bonus is if you can play the violin or another instrument that you can bring with you. We will have a songbook for the larp.

What does it mean to be a helper?

The larp has four helpers, two on the soldier side and two on the kitchen side. They will be in charge of practical tasks during the game, like taking out trash, carrying things, cleaning, stocking bathrooms as well as going on or assisting in shopping rounds. They will have NPC characters, but these will be shorter and more focused towards providing play to others. Their tickets will of course be free, and there will be a balance between work and rest/playtime.

If you want to be a helper we appreciate if you, for example:

  • Can carry heavy things
  • Have a driver’s licence and feel comfortable driving on Swedish roads
  • Enjoy npc-ing and helping with workshops
  • Like to cook

Helpers will also be our last-minute reserves to jump into roles on-site.

Covid Policy

We live in uncertain times, and because of this we all know that we have no guarantees that an event will be able to run. We will do our utmost to run the larp, and should the world shut down again, we promise to be clear and precise in our communication about the larp. 

However, this is a non-profit event where we are volunteering our time to run it. The budget of the larp will have expenses leading up to the event itself, such as rent, scenography etc. As such, we cannot promise you a full refund should the event have to be canceled due to covid-related issues. We promise to do our best to refund you at least part of the sum, should the event be canceled. 

We will follow Swedish health guidelines when it comes to these things and if the guidelines change we will let the players know. We expect players to not attend the larp if they are sick, regardless of if they have covid or not.

Payment Plan

You will know if you’ve received a spot or not by the 18th of May. After that you will have one month to pay your deposit to secure your place at the larp. Your full payment is due on the 31st of August, but if you need to pay in installments you can reach out to the organizers to set up a payment plan.

Refund Policy

Your ticket contains a €50 non-refundable deposit. Should you drop out at any point leading up to the 23rd of October 2023, we will refund you your full ticket price, except for deposit. Should you drop out after that date, you will not be refunded. This is to make sure that we can offer a subsidized or free ticket to someone coming in to the larp, so that we can fill all spots.

Important Dates

15 March 2023: Sign-up opens

15 April 2023: First round of sign-up closes

16–24 April 2023: Flagging period

8 May 2023: Acceptance e-mails and preliminary casting

30 June 2023: Final Characters

November 2023: The Larp starts

Costume Requirements

For Everyone

At Nocturne we strive for historically inspired outfits, with focus being on the right silhouettes. The requirements differ greatly between groups, so please take that into account when choosing which group you want to play in. We are sadly unable to provide costume rental, but hope that people will be able to borrow amongst each other and make use of costume rentals available.

What everyone will need: A pair of period-accurate or neutral-looking indoor shoes. 

Here you can take a look at our pinterest board for the larp.


Soldiers will require a redcoat of some sort (preferably from the proper time period but early regency or from earlier on in the 18th century also works). You will also need a shirt, matching white or offwhite waistcoat and breeches/pants, and some other bits and bobs. We recommend that officers wear more decorated redcoats, whereas a private might wear a more plain and washed out one.

Sex Workers

Those playing sex workers have a lot of freedom, but it might be good to keep in mind your character’s status when planning their outfit(s). A high-class working woman might go the whole nine yards with a wig, bonnet, full gown, etc, whereas a low-ranking one might mostly wander around in their stays, an undershirt, skirt and maybe a shawl to keep warm. 

When in doubt about period accuracy, go for something that matches the general silhouette of the era and keep it simple. We recommend that those playing in this group either wear stays or jumps, but a more contemporary corset in a neutral color and without very defined cups might also work.

Kitchen and Maids

The kitchen will dress similarly to the low-ranking working women, but more modestly. We recommend wearing a bonnet/headcovering and a fichu as well as an apron. Also keep in mind that you’ll be working on your feet a lot, so bring good (neutral-looking) shoes and skip the stays if they’re uncomfortable to work in.


A period-accurate-ish men’s outfit that doesn’t resemble the soldiers’ uniforms. Townspeople will wear regular 18th century clothing, preferably in other colours than red. You will need a coat, a shirt, breeches/pants, shoes and socks. You can also add a waistcoat, wig and other bits and bobs if you wish.

More Extensive Costume Guide

Can be found here.